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Monday, September 15, 2008

Decorating Advice

Over the next little while I will be posting some pix from around the house and asking for some advice in decorating. I have a few awkward layouts that I need help with inspiration and creativity...it's just not coming! Any comments will be most appreciated.
Area #1 Master BedroomAs much as I love the popsicle stick and pipe-cleaner heart, I think that the scale and color are just a bit off. Any suggestions? Should I try to put something above the headboard, or put something above the nightstands on either side? (I know I need a new nightstand on the one side, but this is what I have for the time-being and I have another one for the other side, I just need to refinish it.) Any creative ideas for inexpensive, easy-to-make (I'm craft-challenged!) projects? Help!
I can't wait to hear your suggestions.


Emily and Kyle said...

First of all, you are NOT craft challenged. I have seen what you have made in the past, and it has been great! I Love flowers...so I would do flowers on the night stands and definitely something above the headboard...and couple more HUGE pillows behind your little ones...with some color...Add a jar of shells or drift wood if you don't like the flower idea. I wish I could see it in person!

kim & co. said...

How about painting the room? If you did a color, that would make your bed "pop" more and you may not need so much stuff on the walls. (I lived in CA way too long that i can't get over the "don't put things about your bed" rule).

shay said...

Wow, that's a loaded question!

I can't remember if you're renting or if you bought. If you bought, for sure, I'd paint...golden yellow or light blue if you're going beachy and getting a different comforter, or basil green (if you're keeping your comforter). I'd also possibly put chair rail molding up--it just makes a room look better and defines the space.

Then I'd move that nightstand to the right a bit if there's room so it's not smack dab against the bed. I'd buy 2 sconces that have swing arms (like the pottery barn ones, but I'm sure you can find them cheaper somewhere) and mount them to the sides of the headboard. I found some at the PB outlet here that are not hard-wired, so super easy to put up and use. Bet you'll be missing Down East Home now that UT is a distant memory!

Once you refinish the nightstand I'd use it, otherwise you could use that other corner (is it big enough?) for a reading area. search Craigslist and I'm sure you'll find a deal on a great chair if you don't already have one! I'd put a cool vase with about 5-7 silk hydrangeas in it, throw a hand-stitched solid quilt on the end of the bed with matching shams (TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Ross, Marshalls, etc) and then accessorize with nice picture frames & your latest photos of your kids on the nightstands. You could always do something above the headboard...a great iron piece, a vinyl somethin' somethin' or if you go with the beachy theme I love the driftwood idea (I need some of that for my beachy bathroom..but I can't find it anywhere--no old barns in San Marcos:) I'll take a pic of my bathroom and maybe that will inspire you (beachy). Also another idea would to be to hang a lantern (like the star ones) in the corner...say above the reading area (if you're doing one).

I love blank canvases to work with--it gets me so excited...yes, I'm strange, and YES, I just made the longest comment in history of blogs.

Mandy said...

Your friends are right paint the room. Above the bed you could do pics of your kids. Pring tome pics in black and white like 5x7, and then get like 11x14 frames with big white mats. Put the three frames across the top of your headboard, or wedding pictures. I would get some heigt going on the night stands lamps, you can find those cheap. Pillows make a big difference on a bed.

TheBurtons said...

Poppy- i hear ya...my master bedroom is the same. blank. i have all these ideas but no direction! look at Tif's blog (Jake's wife, she is on my list) she has crafty links that may help. i think everyone is saying beach because of the wicker, it gives that vibe out. i agree with pillows and paint, those alone will do wonders. also, if you do find some cute quotes or something we have a vinyl machine that prints out those stickers. we can do just about any font, get about any color, and do them pretty large. so if you did like a bunch of different sized frames staggered (above your bed) w/ your family pics or whatever then at the top you could say something like "all because two people fell in love" or some other clever saying. let me know. decorating on a budget can be exciting though...

Nanda said...

You have a great blank canvas here to work with! I'm pretty much obsessed with home decor (on a budget of course). My favorite place to get ideas is on "Rate My Space" on www.hgtv.com. I'm hooked to this site! If you want beach decor ideas, type beach and search under bedrooms. I've gotten some cute ideas from this site that I'm implementing in some of my rooms.

These girls have given you some great ideas though! Good luck and post a pic when you are done!

I also love TJ Maxx and Home Goods. Target is great too!