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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Eight years...

2 days ago was our 8th wedding anniversary...It was about as exciting as this post! Danny forgot, I did the minimum. I hope next year will be more post-worthy. Hey, it's got to be a lucky anniversary. It will be our 9th anniversary on 9/9/9.
I wasn't even going to post anything as it was so uneventful, but my hubby deserves a little shout out for surviving 8 years with me! He puts up with a lot and is so good to me despite my weaknesses and he does not get the credit and appreciation that he deserves. He works very hard to make me happy and I love him for it. I am a lucky girl indeed. I love you, Danny!


shay said...

Happy happy 8th! You're over that 7 year hump/itch!

White Family said...

Happy Anniversary. You guys are a tribute to marriage. Mike and I often talk about how you guys balance each other out so well. I know there will be many more happy years together. From Mike: "To eternity and beyond!" Love you both.