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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All about the Kids!

My last several posts have been a little self-centered, so I decided to do an update on each of the kiddos. Besides, that's the only reason some (most) of you are here and I was afraid of losing my loyal readers! So without further ado...


Sonja said...

So fun to catch up with you and your kids! Sounds like everyone is doing so well. Elise started karate too, and is liking it a lot.

Your blog is so darling. I love the way you've designed it. How are you feeling? You are more than half way to having another baby! Can't wait for more updates. :)

Emily and Kyle said...

I wasn't going to comment until after I showed the kids these pictures, but I have been sick (again)and keep forgetting. What fun and cute updates....keep them coming!
p.s. I tried the baking soda...I was teasing Isaac and said, "here if you like to call me names so much, I hear kids that like to do that like this" and I put some in his mouth...poor him, I even felt bad for a second because he really thought I was feeding him something that was "good" and then he said "not good to me!" and starting spitting. I think that stuff works better than soap!