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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have had a hard time starting these past couple of posts about my kids, but then when I get started, the ideas just flow.
Let's see...Jesse is enjoying school for the most part. He says that he doesn't like it, but I know better. He is doing really well in school (I know, shocker!) and was asked to join an advanced reading group one day a week. He has also scored "advanced" on all of his spelling tests...he takes after his mom and dad! He told me yesterday that he and a classmate were talking on the bus and saying that if they were the teacher they wouldn't make the kids do any math or any other work at all. If he was the teacher he would take the kids to Chuck E Cheese, Cliffs (an amusement park here that he has never even been to!) and other fun places. I asked him how the kids would learn anything that way, he just said he would teach them some things while they were out having a good time. He couldn't elaborate on what those "some things" would be. I told him that he would be fun, but wouldn't be a very good teacher...I guess he was more interested in being fun!
Jess has started karate and is loving it. I love that he loves it, but I don't love the time. It's Weds. from 5:45pm to 6:45pm. The classes all start late here because the kids get out of school at 4:00. But since he loves it, we will endure.
I am trying to find a piano teacher for him because it is that time in his life when he starts his mandatory music lessons. There will be no musical agency in this home. I am sad that I never stuck with piano lessons, so my kids will have to make up for that!
His favorite past time lately is annoying the heck out of his siblings, which in turn annoys the heck out of his mom! It seems that he cannot go more than 5 minutes without torturing one of his victims! I am told that this is just the beginning...I am not looking forward to it! I do send him to his room when he can't quit, but it doesn't seem to deter him. What will we do with him?
Other than the constant pestering, he is really a good kid, I can't complain too much. He's my best helper (when he wants to be!) and I appreciate him so much. He loves to make us all laugh and is really good at reading to his brother and sister. We love our Jesse boy and wouldn't trade him for the world.
Jesse in action:At karate...and no we are not too good at brushing that hair, so we just cut it off recently!Doesn't it just strike you with fear to see him!?His new skill, he did climb up!Look how strong he is!

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White Family said...

Reading this made me want to cry. He is growing up so fast and I remember when he was a little baby playing in my laundry in his little diaper. Now he is in karate pants kicking butt! Where did the time go.