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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


What can I say about my boy wonder? He has definitely hit the "terrible twos." It seems like it hit overnight. One day he went to bed my sweet little boy and he woke up the next being quite stubborn, grumpy and in some cases mean!
He is extremely busy these days and keeps me running whenever we are out. My trick of saying goodbye and walking away (which worked so well just a few weeks ago) is no longer a threat and makes him just run harder the other way. We also have to make sure to keep the front door locked as he loves to take a stroll around the neighborhood occasionally...unaccompanied.
His favorite words are stupid, dummy and meany (which he gleaned from his big brother!) and he uses them quite often. It was funny the first few times, but we have grown tired of it and have started "time-outs" or baking soda for the offenses. I am happy to report that it is working and he is using the words a lot less...either we are doing something right or he is just getting bored with the words. Whatever the case, I will take it!
He is 100% pure boy. He loves anything that flies, drives on 4 wheels (the bigger, the better) scoops, digs, makes noises or punches. When he puts on a cape he yells "super" and then punches the first thing he can make contact with...this is usually me since I am the one putting the cape on.
There was a time, just a short while ago that I was wishing that he would sit and watch a movie, if only for a few minutes. I got my wish and now that is usually the first thing out of his mouth in the morning "mooby!" He loves "cooby doo ere are you?" (Scooby doo) Shrek and the Gummi Bears. He also loves Super Why on PBS (or anything "super-related"!)
Another favorite of his is digging in the backyard. Our yard is all rocks and dirt and to him, it's just a giant sandbox. He loves to dig and get dirty and if you really want to see a happy camper, just add a little water.
He is talking quite a bit and we are understanding most of it. He gets pretty frustrated when we can't figure out what he is saying.
I love his kisses, (which I only get if I pretend that I don't like them!) he gives the best hugs while saying "squeeeeeeze" and his giggles are like magic! He is super cute and a lot of fun, despite his terrible two-ness...which keeps him alive most days! We sure can't imagine our lives without this little guy.
Here are a few recent pics: He found the winter clothes box!Riding a giant ant at the botanic gardens in Abq.My little Stripling Warrior. His head band says "I can be Honest." He sure loves nursery!On the big swing at Jesse's school. They had a picnic at the school for the familes. It was fun to have lunch with his big brother.


Emily and Kyle said...

Just think, you'll have another one of these rugrats soon! He is cute and his "terrible" twos remind me of Luke's. The running away from me has just barely started to get better I'm happy to report...so good luck with that one!
I can't decide who he looks like...maybe just a good mix between Jesse and Grace. What a funny little guy. But you knew he would be trouble long ago...with all that comet dumping and permanent marker marking...it was just a matter of time before the name calling came out:) I'm lucky the name calling at our house hasn't really started...hold my breath, cross my fingers. But I'll remember the baking soda when it does...but so far the threat of soap has done wonders for us.:)

Emily and Kyle said...

did you get the stroller?

Emily and Kyle said...

oh and one more...nice pen marks all over his legs in that last picture.

White Family said...

Wow Dyl Pickle has gotten so big too. He has always reminded me of Jack Jack from the Incredibles... I don't know why. Maybe because there is a little super hero in there. Give him a "squuueeeezzee" from us. Can't wait to see you guys.

Julia Deaver said...

What a cute idea to write about all your kids! You have the cutest kids and they are really talented too! I hope you are doing great! And don't stress too much about schedules, your kids look like they have the best mom ever!