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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This post will be a little shorter than the boys since I just posted about her on her birthday, not because I love her any less!
Grace is growing up so much (except for the screaming at the drop of a hat! Will that ever end??) She just loves being a girl, what else can I say? She keeps reminding me that she is the "only princess" in our family since we are having another boy. We kinda played this angle fearing that she would be disappointed with another boy...and boy has she taken to it!
I am making attempts at "homeschooling" her (she missed the cut off for kindergarten here by a few weeks, but was really ready to go!) She wants to learn to read and is doing really well. She is such a smart little cookie. I thought that working with her was going to be rough as she doesn't always like to listen to me (I tried doing a preschool co-op a couple of years ago and it did not go well!) but she asks me all the time if it is time to do school. She is really loving learning. Next week I am staring a little girls' club once a week to learn some things like cooking, etiquette, literature and just to have a little social time (which she is in need of the most!) There are a few cute little girls in the ward that we are going to invite into our "club!"
She is taking a gymnastics class and loves it. She has lots of fun doing pikes and tumbling. Her coach is great and gives the girls a good "workout!"
Her smiles are contagious and she's really a pretty funny girl. We love our "only Princess!"
A few pics of her royal highness!Smelling a rose at the botanic gardens. I love this picture of her.She loves to pose...such a girl!On the swing at Jesse's school.


White Family said...

A princess indeed. I miss her like crazy. The "Aunt Rosey this doesn't match." She is getting so big too... and is such a girly girl. I love the pic of her in the garden, so pretty.

shay said...

I love your little girls club idea---much like cotillion that you and Jamie used to do? What a cute idea. That is pretty crazy Grace missed the school cut-off...she and Lexie will be in K at the same time and Lexie seems so much younger. Love your new layout, BTW