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Monday, June 8, 2009

4 Months...

...and a week, but who's counting?
Here are the stats from James' 4 month check up:
Weight: 11lbs 8oz (less than the 5th percentile-he's underweight...can you believe that I have an even smaller baby than Jesse? Jess was almost a pound more at this stage, but he was a little shorter!)
Length: 25" (50th percentile)
I'm hoping that his weight is still a result of the pneumonia and he just needs a little more time to catch up. The Dr. wants me to supplement with formula, which I am happy to do, but he won't take a bottle (I waited too long!) So this week I am going to try to see if he will eat some cereal, even though I hate the initial stages of eating...it just takes soooo long! I usually will wait until 6 months just for that reason, but he is a special case. I am not too worried as he seems healthy and is a happy baby, I'll just try to do what I can.
At 4 months, James is just such a sweet baby. He is smiling lots and laughing when he's in the mood for it. He started rolling from his tummy to his back about a month ago and is now doing it consistently. This is adding another difficulty to sleeping. He's a tummy sleeper and is waking himself up when he rolls over and can't get back to his tummy. We were doing really well with the sleeping before he got sick and it has been a struggle to get him back on track and the rolling has not helped. It seems like I am constantly teaching this kid to sleep! Just when things get good, some other life stage takes place! I guess that is life.
This little boy is a clone of Jesse, he looks just like him.
Here's a picture of Jess at the same age.

And here are a bunch of pictures of James cause who can get enough of all this cuteness!?!Sorry this one turned on me and I am too lazy to do it again!We all just love our little Jamesy-bug. He is constantly smothered with love and kisses (probably more than he would like sometimes...poor kid has no personal space!) He's such a little sweety...he's lucky we haven't eaten him for dessert! Can you stand the cuteness???

And here's one of all the kiddos. Ignore my foot and the wrist strap for the camera. I tried to get a few more of the kids together, but have you ever tried to get 4 kids to smile and be still at the same time?...yeah...and then James got fussy, so we had to call it a day! It's cute anyway!
See, this blog isn't just all about me...although it seems like it lately! Look for more updates on each of the kids over the coming days!
BTW-the bum is feeling a lot better. I finally feel like I will heal!


Jessica said...

he's so cute! i was surprised to see he's only in the 5th percentile for weight -- he doesn't LOOK super small to me. how is your summer schedule going? this is ethan's first week out of school, and i know i need to try and come up with something...

laura said...

cuteness! he does look a lot like jessie. that's funny. good thing jessie's so cute! glad your hind end is feeling better.

Becky & Joseph said...

That last shot of all of them is too cute for words. They are al adorable. Glad your bum is feeling better! I bruised my tailbone having Avery so I know how hard life can be when you can't sit down.

Sabrina said...

What a cute group!

I was hurting just thinking about you tailbone. I broke mine as a kid and even to this day the thought makes me cringe. Hope you are feeling better.