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Thursday, June 11, 2009


This is the time that a good camera and some photography know-how would come in handy! This is the results of a photo shoot with a reluctant and wiggly almost 3 year old subject and his not-so-great photographer mother!
He is so cute and good looking and I wanted to capture his long eyelashes (that I covet), big, beautiful, blue eyes and his yummy full lips. I know he will hate me someday for saying so, but it's true, he's got some really cool features...and he didn't get them from me! I hope you can see them.
Here are some interesting facts about this cute, sometimes sweet little guy!
*Dylan is the most different looking kid in our family. The other kids look more like each other than he does.
*Dyl will be 3 in August and I am looking forward to saying goodbye to the terrible twos! He seems to be winding down on the whole "2" thing. He is a little less destructive, although he still enjoys a good mess from time to time. He can throw a pretty mean tantrum and loves to act like a wild child when we are out in public. He is definitely my least obedient child at the time (or ever, really!) But, he is just so darn cute...I think he gets away with more than the others because of it! How can you punish that little face? Stinker! And I think he knows it.
*Dyl is talking more and more (and more!) He seems to be like his siblings in that regard...they are all such talkers! Look out when they have to compete to get a word in edge-wise!
*Dylan has to be the first to pray at every prayer time. His prayers have evolved from "Heavenly Father, AAAAmen" to "Heavenly Father and Gonnie (don't know who this is) feel good and Umpy (my dad) feel good and Grandma Christie (my mom) feel good, (sometimes he repeats this line a couple of times), aaaaamen!" He also gets upset in Sacrament meeting when he doesn't get to say the prayer first. It would be kinda cute if he didn't start yelling "no I say pair fust"! He's gotten a little better at this, he used to be almost inconsolable! He's also our prayer monitor. If someone starts to eat without saying it, he will yell "Pair, pair!"
*He loves nursery. He asks if it's time for nursery after every song and prayer in sacrament.
*Dyl still sucks his thumb and loves his blanket. Although, we are now able to leave the blanket at home when we go out so that it "won't get durty."
*He talks with a "lithp." I think that it is due to the thumb-thucking. We will probably have to put an end to that soon....I'm not looking forward to it.
*He has a bit of a mean streak in him and is a very rough and tumbly little guy. He has even been known to take down his big brother on occasion. He can be pretty aggressive, we are working on that. It seems to be futile!
*Dyl loves James and loves to be in his face...a lot!
*He thinks that he is one of the big kids and wants to be able to do everything that they do.
*I will often hear him talking very loudly and will ask what he said and he says "I not talking to you, I talking to they" referring to his toys. He loves to yell at, talk to and reprimand his toys. It is funny to watch.
*He is our little clown and loves to do anything for a laugh. I fear for his future teachers!
*He loves to make up songs...it is so cute. He will sometimes take a part of a real song and then add his own words.
*At bed time we have to sing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" and "Row, row, row your boat" before he'll go to bed.
*He likes to go up to friend or stranger alike and show them any current (or not-so-current) boo-boos, tell them about a bloody nose that he's had or ask if he can "go your house?"
*He is 100% boy and we love him to pieces!
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laura said...

i like reading updates about your kiddos. it makes me feel not quite so far away! jessie's story was cute.

Joanne said...

I was just thinking the same thing as Laura - I love the things you write about your kids. It makes me want to get back in the habit of writing stuff down about them at different stages - I haven't done that forever.