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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dance Fever

On Friday night, our ward held a family dance. It was so much fun. Dylan jumped right in and danced all night. Grace and Jess had a little harder time getting started. Here are some pics from the festivities:My little grumpy wallflower (he was mad because I wouldn't let him run around the halls with his friends!) However, he did not stay that way long...He was quite the lady's man! The one on the right followed him around all night (apparently she wants to marry him!) Yikes, does it start already?!? I really thought I had a few more years! He also had a few other girls asking for a dance...he was not afraid to turn them down flat!
Here's my other lady's man!This little guy turned me down to dance with this little cutie!Attempting to break dance!Jesse doing his signature Numa Numa dance!
I also danced quite a bit and was exhausted (and sweaty) by the time it was over. That was the most exercise I have gotten in a long time. What a fun evening!


Fellars Family said...

What a fun idea for a ward activity!

laura said...

sounds very fun and exciting! i like the break dancing. they look like they've got some good moves!

shay said...

Shoulda had Jesse snap some pics of you so I could have a good laugh for old times sake! You were always the one with the boogie in your bootie...I love it that you got out there and boogied with the rest of the gang...
cute blog background--right up your alley~